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Inspection and quarantine departments to implement online registration of imported cosmetics consignee management

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Chinese quality news recently, Hainan beautiful countryside medical health industry Co., the company successfully passed the quality inspection of imported food import and export of cosmetics business registration information system "of online auditing, quality inspection administration to implement the" imported cosmetics has become the domestic consignee record, import record and record sales management regulations "since the Hainan port first through the consignee of imported cosmetics online audit record the. After the filing of the company's credit risk and product related information in real time in the national inspection and quarantine institutions sharing, to achieve a unified regulatory norms, is conducive to the improvement of the quality of imported cosmetics traceability mechanism, accurate and efficient response to the quality and safety incidents.

At the end of December 2016, China's imports of food and cosmetics import and export business registration system officially launched, cosmetics online filing function officially launched. The new on-line filing system is an important measure for the inspection and quarantine departments to deepen the reform of the "put, pipe and clothing" reform, improve the management level, and reduce the logistics costs of enterprises.

In order to ensure the effective operation of the filing system, the Bureau conscientiously organize relevant enterprises to carry out new knowledge training, encourage enterprises to advance the area through the Internet filing system login fill in the basic information of the enterprise to implement record, prevent the centralized management information system caused by congestion, require enterprises designated maintenance cosmetics import and sales information, collate relevant raw materials timely, ready to accept random check for. At the same time, since March 1, 2017, the inspection and quarantine institutions will strengthen port supervision and routine inspection, to ensure that the relevant requirements continue to be implemented in place. (Peng Weiyan, Liu Guifang, Zhong Lihua)