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Beijing inspection and Quarantine Bureau to improve the regulatory process to support salmon imported chilled

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Originating in the Atlantic cold seawater of salmon, is one of the exotic delicacy by the capital of the people's favorite. Among them, such as Yan pattern sashimi chilled salmon, is its fleeting sweet mouth which meet the consumers.

Beijing is the main consumption of domestic chilled salmon. For a long time, from the Beijing port of imports by air chilled salmon has been hovering in the low, imports in 2015 was only 154 tons, accounts for only 0.4% of total imports. Why is there a big gap between supply and demand on the back of the big capital market? The staff of the Beijing inspection and Quarantine Bureau found that clearance is too long in Shun Jingfa, April gourmet company research, and salmon baby but time lost can not afford.

In order to promote the quality of fresh food imports last year, Beijing Bureau after the study, in order to speed up customs clearance as the goal, to improve the inspection and quarantine process as the key point, specially formulated "the implementation of fresh food fast consumer goods import inspection and quarantine supervision facilitation measures (Trial)", to solve the "delicate" fresh food "fresh" problem.

The new model, all for speed. Speed up inspection, the goods arrived in Hong Kong 24 hours in advance inspection. Speed inspection, on-site inspection, compression for 24 hours. Samples sent from 8 to 13 PM will be sent to the laboratory before 15 o'clock that day. 13 to 8 the next day, the sample will be delivered to the laboratory by 10 o'clock the next day. Speed detection, laboratory testing, compression for 72 hours. The speed of issuing the certificate shall be limited to 1 days after the issuance of the certificate of entry inspection and quarantine, and the electronic version will be sent to the importer within 2 hours as soon as it is issued. High quality products speed up, for continuous inspection of qualified products, the proportion of sampling inspection is further reduced to 5%~10%, and the remaining products only need to pass the inspection, the direct release.

Import speed does not mean regulatory relaxation, especially for fresh food, such perishable, shelf life products, quality, safety, but hard, and then the speed is not recognized by consumers. The new regulatory model of the Beijing Bureau of special strengthen pre and post supervision. The first is the import source of supervision, importers of their own quality management system prior to the completion of the assessment, the implementation of the main responsibility for food safety, the independent inspection of foreign trade partners, to carry out quality assessment, and to determine the qualified supplier. Followed by import traceability management, product storage, cold storage records management, substandard food recall system, after the establishment of supervision and regulation, to ensure that the problem can be recovered for the first time.

Since this year, with the implementation of the inspection and quarantine measures to facilitate the rapid growth of trade volume, the capital airport imported chilled directly through salmon, as of the end of October has reached 3150 tons, is 17.5 times last year. These deep-sea products from the distant sea, with a more bright sense of the rich people of the table, close to the consumer's desire to obtain safe, reliable, high-quality food aspirations. "China's door times"