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Construction of new system for inspection and inspection supervision in Shanghai

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In November 11th, Shanghai City, the fourteen session of the thirty-third meeting of the Standing Committee unanimously passed the "inspection of Shanghai city ordinance" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"). This is the first local regulation specially used to comprehensively regulate the inspection and inspection institutions and acts in china. The regulations will go into effect as of January 1, 2017.

Inspection and inspection is a high-tech service industry, producer service industry and technology service industry which are mainly developed by the state. In recent years, the rapid development of inspection industry in our country, Shanghai has become one of the most developed areas of domestic inspection and detection market, has played an important role for Shanghai to accelerate economic transformation and upgrading, the implementation of scientific and technological innovation center of innovation driven development strategy and the construction of a global influence. According to statistics, at present, Shanghai city has the number of inspection agency qualification for the 731, covering construction, environmental protection, agriculture, quality inspection, food and medicine, aviation, defense and other various fields of national economy, with the national quality inspection center 47, up to 47 thousand employees, 2015 annual inspection report issued 19 million 540 thousand copies of business income of 16 billion 420 million yuan, accounting for nearly 10% of the country. In addition, there are more than 3000 laboratories and research and development centers established by universities and research institutes to serve the local economic development in Shanghai.

The "Regulations" to adhere to the problem oriented, strengthening the main responsibility for the implementation of inspection agencies and personnel, delineation of the behavior of the bottom line, the establishment of market rules, approved by the heavy pre qualification, to strengthen supervision, inspection agencies will accept the entrustment of the general public in the adjustment range. At the same time, optimize the approval process, simplify approval procedures, innovative regulatory tools to improve the effectiveness of supervision and release market vitality.

Reporters noted that the main content of the "Regulations" can be summed up in 12 words, fill in blanks, establish rules, do optimization and promote development.

Fill in the blank, that is, without the qualification permission of the inspection and testing institutions into the "Regulations" adjustment scope, eliminating the blank areas of supervision and management. Rules are provided from basic requirements of inspection and testing institutions and norms of behavior, a list of prohibited behavior, set the industry bottom line, outstanding the main responsibility for the implementation of the inspection and testing institutions, from prior approval as the most important change in the matter, after regulation.

"Regulations" on the existing examination and approval and supervision work from the institutional level to be innovative and optimized. In the examination and approval, the establishment of joint on-site assessment, adoption of measurement certification system, simplified review procedures and other optimization approval, reduce the institutional transaction costs of enterprises. In the aspect of supervision, the establishment of joint supervision and regulatory classification mechanism, unified formulation of special supervision and inspection plan, clear administrative regulatory measures, the implementation of credit management, improve the market exit mechanism, and severely punish illegal behavior, improve regulatory effectiveness.

It is understood that the "Regulations" explicitly adjusted for inspection and testing activities, the original inspection related laws and regulations only for certain specific areas and specific conditions to achieve the establishment and behavior inspection agency administrative license to regulate, for inspection and testing areas do not need to get permission of the activities of the lack of corresponding institutional constraints. "Regulations" will be entrusted to the community within the administrative region of Shanghai, engaged in inspection and testing, as well as related supervision and management activities, all included in the scope of adjustment, rather than limited to obtain qualified licensing inspection and testing institutions.

For the market to play a decisive role in the allocation of resources, the "Regulations" provisions of Shanghai city requires all levels of state organs, institutions and social organizations for the performance of duties or the provision of public services, the use of fiscal funds entrusted to carry out inspection, should be through the government purchase service way, open government inspection business. To determine the merit of the government to undertake the inspection and testing services market, so as to improve the level of government administration and public service quality.

The "Regulations" to create a new inspection system testing and supervision, taking into account the inspection industry rapid development, inspection agencies will appear in some emerging areas, there is a need for government to reveal the regulatory gaps that may arise, to avoid regulatory blind due to the lag of law, combined by maintaining the line regulation, clear management responsibilities and requirements of quality and technical supervision departments to reveal all the details of the three elements, the construction supervision and the comprehensive management of the combination of industry of Shanghai city inspection and supervision system.

Taking into account the current provincial level certification inspection, testing, approval of a total of 18 items, due to a variety of qualifications, inspection and inspection institutions to spend a lot of time and energy every year to meet the qualification licensing department review. In order to reduce the burden on enterprises, the "Regulations" will be 13 measures for the certification of pre approval items included in the joint review range. The quality and technical supervision department shall perform joint on-site assessment in conjunction with other qualification licensing authorities. After the implementation of the joint review, will substantially reduce the time of application for qualification permission, effectively reducing the cost of institutional transactions. The joint site review will take the form of an application, a review, and a separate certification. Enterprises may decide whether to choose joint on-site assessment according to their own needs. In addition, from the convenience of the administrative relative person's point of view, in addition to involving national security, public safety, environmental protection and licensing matters regulations, good credit status, the inspection agencies no illegal acts apply for qualification change or extension, can simplify the review process.

"Regulations" also set up inspection and testing institutions universal service obligations. In view of the dilemma faced by consumers, the regulations on the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, the "Regulations" belong to institutions