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Chen Gang, deputy director of AQSIQ, investigated and guided the work of the Association

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In December 27, 2016, Chen Gang, deputy director of State Administration of quality inspection quality management department director Huang Guoliang, Party committee secretary Guo Xin, the special equipment inspection bureau deputy director Gao Jixuan and other 6 people to the State Quality Inspection Administration of five Association, the supervision and guidance of the work of the association. Chinese Association, equipment supervision China anti-counterfeiting industry association, Chinese Association of quality inspection, China brand promotion, Chinese special equipment safety and energy conservation association five Association report and carry out party building work a year to business.

Deputy director Chen Gang listened carefully to the association's report, fully affirmed the achievements of the association, the association pointed out that support the administration work more effectively, the development of service industry is more promising, and constantly improve the system, to make the industry more orderly management. He put forward the new request to the association party building work, emphasizes the association to continue to strengthen party building work, one is to fully understand the significance of comprehensive strictly, a profound understanding of the overall layout of "five in one" and "the four overall strategic layout, comprehensive study and grasp the core spirit of the six plenary session, facing new problems and new challenges. Two is to grasp the party building, promote business work, and make clear the party building work and business work to promote each other relations. Three, we must strengthen the implementation of the "two responsibilities", strengthen the education of Party members and improve the quality of Party members. Four, we should conscientiously carry out the "two learning and one doing" campaign, strengthen our ideals and beliefs, set up "Four Consciousness", abide by the "eight regulations", and become qualified party members. Chen Gang, deputy director of the association's business work put forward higher requirements, first, there should be political awareness, overall situation awareness, core awareness and awareness of the line, around the central functions of the good work. Two is to play a good bridge link role, the central spirit and policies in a timely manner and accurately pass to the enterprise, and to implement. Three is to establish a sense of the overall situation, change concepts and methods of work, and promote innovation and development of the industry. He stressed that the Central Committee proposed to give more play to the role of social organizations, and with the deepening of reform, the association has a very broad prospect and space in undertaking government services and promoting the healthy development of the industry. In his speech, Chen Gang, deputy director general, fully affirmed the good achievements made by the China Association of equipment supervision in Party building, system construction, industrial self-discipline and standard construction.

Guo Xin Secretary pointed out that the party building work of the association has a lot of highlights, but still need to be further strengthened. She believes that the association party building work should pay more attention to the implementation of, and constantly innovative means, first, we must implement the clean government and the two responsibilities". Two, we must implement the spirit of the eight provisions of the central committee. Three is to strengthen self-discipline, abide by laws and regulations.

Huang Guoliang director said that all associations have done a lot of pioneering work, and achieved very good results, and many experiences and practices are worth promoting. He has high hopes for the future development of society, hope that the association to play a good role as a bridge link, emancipate the mind, change the idea, especially to strengthen the basic work, do data, case, report, analysis, suggestion, good support for the administration of the work. At the same time, he asked the association to pay attention to clean government, must adhere to the bottom line.

The new year is approaching, quality inspection administration leadership put forward higher requirements on the association of Party building and business, a clear direction and goal of the association, will further promote the work of Party building during the new period, continuous innovation and development efforts.