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2017 315 party exposure of the complete list of enterprises released

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What are the unknown consumer trap for consumer life? How can we identify the potential risk and trap around? Last night, 315 party exposure in a number of industries and a variety of shady consumer trap, Muji, Nike, Christie optometry and many other well-known enterprises are on the list name!

1, Interactive Encyclopedia refers to

Biggest false advertising "garbage dump""

@ CCTV finance official micro-blog news March 15th, Interactive Encyclopedia network known as the world's largest Chinese encyclopedia website, social media platform leading knowledge, for hundreds of millions of users Chinese providing free massive, comprehensive and timely information.

But a reporter survey found that the so-called "knowledge sharing platform" of the site, not only the accuracy of information, true or false, and even sometimes become false information amplifier.

Here, some so-called magic products, glamorous biographies, as little as 4800 yuan can be opened "Wikipedia entry claim" service, then you can freely invented and released, with false advertising stately money.

For example, there is a term called "polar algae 5S", known as a "very 5S from liver cancer patients taking" only 7 days, cancer cells disappeared, the product was released a month sold tens of thousands of boxes, but such a wonderful product, in the State Food and Drug Administration website did not find any related information.

And a so-called "national medical progress award" of the Chinese medicine, in fact, in the village of Shaanxi canal a small clinic, and no medical qualifications.

2, the "three medical team" clutches into hundreds of schools

Eyes that harm 130 thousand children

According to @ CCTV financial report in March 15th, according to the Ministry of education and the Ministry of health to develop a "primary and secondary school students health examination management measures" clearly stipulates that medical institutions must hold a valid "practice license of medical institution", hosted by the government of public medical institutions.

But there is such a "three medical team" in Zhengzhou, no qualifications, no medical background, no certification, organized by the Affiliated Hospital of Huanghe Science and Technology College, a sale of orthokeratology Christie optometry company and a private hospital, in Zhengzhou, and Jiaozuo city opened hundreds of schools for a medical examination for children fill in the "registration form of abnormal vision" access to their personal information, up to now has 134280 student information.

Access to information after Christie optometry company said the elementary and middle schools in Zhengzhou myopia prevention and control center to cheat parents trust, in the absence of medical institution, for orthokeratology eye doctor under the condition of not fitting. The sales of the "Euclidean" orthokeratology, is a medical device used to correct refractive error, fitting unqualified or corneal epithelial shedding, causing serious corneal infection!

3, fine thinking, extreme fear!

Another "lean meat" came back

In 2011, after the lean meat was exposed, the government departments formulated strict additives use standards, and also increased the illegal additives to feed remediation efforts. But this year, CCTV 3 - 15 party a reporter's investigation, let all people scared into a cold sweat: some enterprises from Haiti in the days of feed to feed added illegally "drugs", including a variety of "western medicine", and this phenomenon is not the case.

Jiangsu Zhonghui far biological technology limited production of "meat", Shandong province Chengwu wantex feed Limited company production of "quick fertilizer peptide", Zhengzhou Braim animal pharmaceutical company's flagship product "thick Qi Zheng", Henan Luohe Yuxin Technology Co., the company's flagship product "three Jin" in the column.

Behind these illegal drugs add feed products there is a striking fact is that the illegal feed added to disable the western medicine, can make animal sleep eat silly Meng long, but there are residual antibiotics in meat, after eating meat with antibiotics, or produce drug resistance".

In the long run, it might cause resistance to certain bacteria and viruses, which would cause the entire human being to fight the disease more effectively.

4, Japan's "nuclear food pollution area discovered China

Containing kalebi cereal

In 2011 March 11th, Japan suffered a tsunami and a serious nuclear leak occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. The nuclear accident that shocked the world caused widespread pollution in the surrounding areas of fukushima. In order to ensure the food safety of the people, the Chinese government has also promulgated relevant laws and regulations for the first time. It is strictly forbidden to import food produced in the surrounding areas of the accident.

Now, six years later, Japanese food from nuclear contaminated areas has crept into the domestic market.

Shenzhen city has a tree under the Shenzhen dolphin cross-border Technology Co., Ltd., known as China's imports of mother and child supplies the largest supply chain platform for the domestic supply of electricity suppliers. In the company's online mall reporter saw from Japan to ban the sale of nuclear contaminated areas kalebi cereal.

In the Muji supermarket, some Japanese food packaging are labeled the origin of Japanese Chinese label, but when Chinese open label, revealing the real origin of these products to Tokyo, ranked in the list of banned imports!

In an AEON supermarket, law enforcement officers also found the same problem. A packaging labeling of raw materials for the production of rice of Hokkaido white Steamed Rice, opened Chinese after the label is actually the real origin of nuclear contamination in Niigata prefecture.

Shenzhen City Market Inspection Bureau found that the domestic sale of Japanese nuclear contaminated food online merchants preliminary statistics have reached more than 13000, for this problem, they will launch a comprehensive clean-up action.

5 、 LED strobe light can cause headache!

This magical function on the phone

One second to distinguish the strobe

Did you know that the LED light you buy for your child may have serious flicker, which is imperceptible to the naked eye, but it can cause visual fatigue and even headaches if used for a long time.

Consumers in the purchase of how to distinguish LED lights have no strobe, just remember this trick: open the camera function of the phone, let the camera focus on the bulb, pay attention to the screen flashing, strobe, severe, not clear at a glance.

Camera LED lights, no flash screen image is such:

The camera aimed at the LED lights, there is screen flash image is like this. Black shadow under the flashing on the screen:

6, Nike in 5 years and "air door"

No air cushion on heel

In April 2016, Nike basketball official micro-blog posted a message, NBA star Kobe Bryant, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in winning a pair of basketball shoes Nike replica, the limited edition. Nike claims on its official website that it has Nike's patented Zoom Air Air cushion. But when the consumers put on these shoes, they felt a little hard.

In response to consumer inquiries, Nike's customer service acknowledges the fact that the heels do not have air cushion!

In response, Nike's response is only a product description error, you can refund in full. However, consumers questioned, this is not "false propaganda"? And why there is no recall notice?. It was not the first time Nike had such a thing. As early as 2011, consumers found that the "Hyperdunk 2011" basketball shoes sold in China, the front feet were less cushioned than those in the United states.

7, Yuesao black industry chain

"Yuesao card" is actually "copycat made"!

In Hangzhou city a residential area less than 100 meters, the side of the path, gathered a dozen gold. They not only provide Yuesao intermediary, also provide processing services.

Hangzhou Jie Shi domestic companies, they do not participate in the training that can handle the Yuesao certificate. Reporter to pay 650 yuan for a gold medal Yuesao certificate, certification bodies as project management center of national science and technology talent cultivation". Reporters through the national industrial and commercial enterprise inquiry system, and the Ministry of civil affairs, China social organization network, can not query the so-called "National Science and technology personnel training project management center."".

In another institution, the International Association of maternal and child health care, they are also for other payment card Yuesao institutions recruit agents, such as Chinese Association occupation education, and the Ministry of civil affairs website inquiries from reporters, as early as May 2016, China occupation education association was recognized as the Civil Affairs Department of mountain village community.

8. I'll show my parents

This "health" for his money, do not close!

Throughout the country, such meetings are held every day, selling a wide variety of products to older people.

A "health talk" CCTV reporter undercover Wuhan Le bailing biotechnology company organization, is an elaborate hoax, a black hand toward the elderly: first playing cards warmth, build feelings with the old man, and then fill in the data taking personal history, and then invite false speech and medical consultation and expert consultation please call. The consultation is according to the previously provided "personal history", the affectation look and smell, the last step is to sell health care products without qualification, propolis capsule a box of foreign price 3980 yuan, the purchase price is only 65 yuan, profits of up to 60 times.

[2016 315 party exposure list] review

The first: hungry platform unlicensed businesses

This 315 party exposure is the first platform takeaway hungry 315, according to CCTV reporter survey, hungry a number of businesses operating without a license, false propaganda, poor sanitation.

According to CCTV exposure, in the "hungry" site, the photos looked clean, the actual oil spill, the boss's teeth bite open ham, fried rice, the chef dipped his finger into the pot, dip soup taste.

Hungry, many businesses without a license without permission, the platform marketing manager guides businesses fictitious addresses, upload false photos, platforms and even default black workshop settled.

For CCTV 315 party exposure, hungry, in the official WeChat public number responded by saying, emergency set up a special group, offline all related illegal restaurants, and overnight deployment, verification nationwide restaurant qualification."

Second hair: car easy to shoot inside operation, used car auction price

Car easy to pat is a second-hand car online trading platform, consumers can sell the car to the country's used car dealers. According to CCTV financial reports, the car is easy to shoot designed two sets of background, entrance of buyers and sellers are fundamentally different, two different price by the car easy to shoot staff background operation, the difference is completely determined by the size of the 4S shop. The median difference is up to 20 thousand. As long as the car is easy to auction online, there will be a difference.

Cars are not easy to worry about, buyers and sellers will find that the middle of the tricky, according to the staff, buyers and sellers of the page is completely different. The car is easy to take advantage of the seller and the buyer can not see each other's information shortcomings, secretly earn difference.

Third: credit card two-dimensional code promotion hidden trick

CCTV 315 party exposure area, often promotional card, stalls, two-dimensional code hidden mystery, credit card number, the scan code all the stolen password.

CCTV live demonstration, liar through the modified POS machines take consumer bank card number and password, the same can also be implanted by the virus two-dimensional code to steal code scanning, consumers' mobile phone number and payment password.

CCTV to remind consumers, District, street see promotions, credit card, do not easily scan two-dimensional code, on the "sesame lost watermelon" petty suffer a great deal.

Fourth hair: Sea Amoy children's goods sampling 1/3 substandard

CCTV 315 Party issued an authoritative report on the sea Amoy, sea Amoy children's goods sampling 1/3 substandard, can cause severe suffocation of children.

State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine last year, cross-border electricity supplier channels imported children's goods quality sampling, sampling a total of 654 batches, detected 217 failed, the failure rate of 33%. Among them, imported toys have small parts, easy to cause problems such as suffocation of children, involving brands include: little, tikes (small Tektronix) and so on. The import of substandard children's clothing apparel accessories in 29 batches, easily lead to choking problems. Related brands include: allo&lugh (such as ALU, etc.).

In addition, found in the sample, many enterprises do not pay attention to China cross-border business regulations and standards related products labeling requirements, 26% of the products are not affixed to Chinese labeling and instructions, or in the sales website does not provide electronic identification manual.

Fifth hair: mobile phone malicious programs to attract calls

CCTV 315 party exposure, the national Internet Emergency Center found a large number of mobile phone users are inexplicably chargeback phenomenon. After analysis, technical personnel found that this is because the mobile phone has included malicious chargeback program advertising popups.

The data for these ads come from a domain name called DDAPP.CN, which is registered by Dao Tao technology. CCTV reporter discovered in this company, here's malicious procedure even must mark the price to sell, can let you unconsciously jump into "pays advertisement" the trap.

In addition to the Tao, Chongqing discourse Technology Co., Ltd. (also known as the "love video") is also an enterprise that provides such services. The technical staff choose to install a program called KMplayer, a dialog box appears product description, drop to the bottom when the continuous text, the emergence of the "unified tariff of 40 yuan", click on the confirmation, that does not appear on any mobile phone.

These advertising marketing companies in accordance with the amount of installation activation or display times to collect promotional fees, malicious programs pushed to the user's mobile phone, and ultimately malicious programs to secretly charge.

National Internet Emergency Center monitoring found that with the promotion of built-in formal software plug-in has become an important means of malware illegal suction gold, according to statistics, the installation and use of the train ticket grab votes brush ticket software more than 1 million 500 thousand users, the installation and use of customers of this program more than 1 million 200 thousand users, the installation and use of KMplayer users more than 1 million 300 thousand.

Sixth hair: public free WiFi steal personal credit privacy

CCTV 3 + 15 party exposure free WiFi public theft of personal credit privacy, the user's personal information, from the basic necessities of life to the ID number can be stolen in an instant.

The party scene, the host Xie Yingying and lead the audience to perform an experiment: let the audience to join a free public WiFi, and amazing that the audience a mobile phone connected to wireless network site, either ordering APP, movie tickets, taxi software, or shopping software, orders and consumer records have been extracted, personal, family telephone address, ID number, bank card number and other information including user privacy.

Chinese Internet association secretary general Lu Weilai explained that the interaction in the process of information disclosure has two reasons, one is because the wireless network login encryption level is low, or the router itself exists security vulnerabilities, hackers can easily be intercepted without invasion, transmitted by the data line. The other one, because there are some software on the mobile phone according to the Ministry of the relevant provisions of the requirements, take the necessary protective measures of information data, so hackers can from the intercepted data to extract the user's name, date of birth, address, ID number and other personal information.

Seventh hair: intelligent hardware security vulnerabilities can cause information leakage

3.15, the Party pointed out that, once the intelligent terminal, intelligent devices appear security vulnerabilities, may cause personal information leakage, equipment remote control, and even cause property damage.

Experts said, now a lot of equipment just add a network control function is essentially a convenient wireless remote control of consumers, and once the device has a security vulnerability, an attacker can also do bad things really behind the equipment from the remote host becomes the vulnerability can lead to unexpected consequences.

Eighth hair: Taobao, public comment and other online brush list

CCTV 315 party exposure Taobao brush single insider, there is no real goods Taobao store can have high credibility. CCTV reporter opened a shop selling mask on Taobao, as long as the payment to brush off a thousand yuan Commission, will be in the three days immediately upgrade to the blue diamond, with more than 200 praise! Even if the store does not have a real goods, also available through online "on behalf of the empty package" service, will one does not really exist in the parcel receipt.

In addition to Taobao, public comment also broke brush list, some netizens said, in the 315 party video screenshot saw the debit treasure, everyone voted, P2P company traced brush users.

These single brush organizations have special groups to maintain, and every day a large number of new entrants. According to CCTV reporter reported, from February 15th to February 21st this week, they join a brush group payment into the group membership as high as 1150 people.

For CCTV exposure, Taobao micro-blog official responded that the strong hope that the relevant law enforcement departments to crack down on the part of the national black industry practitioners, the formation of judicial precedent and efforts to combat effective and deterrent posture, purify the social credit environment.

In addition, CCTV 315 Gala, SAIC announced the purchase of online shopping into supervision. Recently, the State Administration of industry and Commerce formulated the measures for the supervision and administration of commodity quality in the circulation area, said the chief executive of the State Administration for Industry and commerce. This will clear all the store sales, and sales network into the circulation of goods quality supervision, "double random spot checks on the line of the commodity quality inspection results in a timely manner to the public.

This approach also details the goods quality operators should bear the responsibility and obligation to the negative list cited in the way of the operator to prohibit the sale of goods, the operator shall not special provisions for purchasing or selling of unknown origin of the "three noes" of products, and the corresponding penalties.